Standard BioTools

Standard BioTools strives to combine advanced technologies with an experienced management team that adapts to customer needs and focuses on operational excellence. This successful combination of key ingredients is the foundation of a company that is constantly evolving and adapting to customer needs.

Standard BioTools is a company that evolves and adapts to customer needs through a combination of advanced technologies and a team of experienced managers committed to operational excellence. They believe these two are the critical ingredients for success.


The company supports the scientific community in solving unanswered challenges in health and disease, including cancer, inflammatory diseases, immunotherapy, and environmental monitoring. Using its proprietary mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, and microfluidics technologies, they provide comprehensive cellular analysis to turn scientific data into actionable insights.

Mediline offers Standard BioTools products to meet the needs of CyTOF® and Standard BioTools™ microfluidics technologies in Slovenia and elsewhere. Explore our product range or contact our Standard BioTools representative.

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