Mediline provides quality laboratory equipment, consumables, and diagnostic reagents to research, development, and diagnostic laboratories. Our range includes a wide selection of products from renowned suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

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Abcam is a leading manufacturer of biological reagents.

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Advanced Instruments manufactures the Anoxomat - Mark II system to cultivate microorganisms under anaerobic conditions.

Azenta dobavitelj logo podjetja

Azenta specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of consumables and benchtop instruments for research.

BDR is focused on researching, developing, producing and selling in vitro diagnostic products for human diagnostics (CE-IVD).

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Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is a leading company in the field of clinical diagnostics.

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Bio/Data Corporation is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of products for thrombosis, hemostasis and research laboratories.

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Biolin Scientific produces advanced instruments and intelligent surface, material, and life science solutions.

Calibre scientific

Calibre Scientific offers life sciences tools and diagnostic tools.

Camlab, headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, has been supplying water testing and laboratory equipment.

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Delta T provides high-quality cooling solutions for safe transportation of medical materials, including blood, vaccines, and diagnostic samples.

DiaSorin dobavitelj logo podjetja

DiaSorin Molecular provides accurate and reliable diagnostics for rare infectious diseases.

DNA dianostics dobavitelj logo podjetja

DNA Diagnostic is a leader in PCR and qPCR-based diagnostics, actively developing new and innovative diagnostic solutions.

EKF dobavitelj logo podjetja

EKF Diagnostics offers medical diagnostic products and services globally.

Eppendorf dobavitelj logo podjetja

Eppendorf is a leading life sciences company providing instruments, consumables and services for the handling of liquids, samples and cells in laboratories.

Fisher Scientific dobavitelj logo podjetja

Fisher Scientific offers equipment and consumables for laboratories.

GeneProof Logo

GeneProof is a biotechnology company operating in the field of molecular in vitro diagnostics of serious infections and genetic diseases.

Gilson dobavitelj logo podjetja

Gilson is a family-owned, third-generation company providing your laboratory with high-quality liquid and gel chromatography and purification solutions.

Grifols dobavitelj logo podjetja

Grifols develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative healthcare services and solutions in more than 110 countries.

Hain Bruker dobavitelj logo podjetja

Hain manufactures diagnostic systems and therapeutic agents worldwide.

Helmer design, integrate, manufacture, market, and distribute specialized medical and laboratory equipment

Hyris logo

Hyris is a tech-bio company committed to democratise genetics and health insights.

Immun Diagnostik dobavitelj logo podjetja

Immundiagnostik AG focuses on the development and production of laboratory diagnostics, including immunological assays, HPLC- and LC-MS/MS applications, molecular bioassays and photometric assays.

Indical dobavitelj logo podjetja

Indical is a world leader in comprehensive solutions for molecular and immunological veterinary testing.

Liofilchem dobavitelj logo podjetja

Liofilchem is a world leader in the production of bacteriological products.

LVL dobavitelj logo podjetja

LVL Technologies specialize in laboratory consumables and benchtop instruments for research work.


Molzym has been committed to the development of innovative solutions to serve biological research and diagnosis of infectious diseases.

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MedicalWire (MWE) in the UK is a leading swab company for collecting and transporting samples.

Nerbe plus

Nerbe is a product company focused on the fast-growing fluid handling and life science sample sectors around the world.

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PathoNostics is a Dutch company specializing in molecular diagnostics, offering PCR-based diagnostic tests for fungal and yeast infections.


Manufacturer of high quality culture media for the pharmaceutical industry.


ProEconomy is an advanced water purification company offering a copper and silver ionisation system.

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Proteintech is a leading manufacturer of high-quality antibodies.


Pure Water Scandinavia plan, construct, produce, install and perform maintenance work on pure water-facilities.

Qiagen dobavitelj logo podjetja

Qiagen is a leading provider of 'Sample to Insight' solutions for molecular testing.

Sarstedt dobavitelj logo podjetja

Sarstedt is the world's leading medical and science supplier of devices and consumables.

Sifin dobavitelj logo podjetja

Sifin Diagnostics is a company that manufactures and distributes customized diagnostic products.

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Standard BioTools offers advanced technologies for analyzing the cellular environment.


Human and veterinary diagnostics