Sarstedt is a leading global supplier of devices and consumables for the medical and scientific markets. With a presence in more than 36 sales organizations and 15 manufacturing facilities worldwide, Sarstedt delivers high-quality, high-performance products. With its sustainable and innovative approaches, Sarstedt keeps abreast of the latest technologies and focuses on ease of use and product safety.

Sarstedt is the world’s leading medical and science supplier of devices and consumables and offers high-quality and high-performance products to customers worldwide.


Sarstedt provides solutions that make a difference. The company’s wide range of products is designed to meet customers’ medical and science needs, focusing on ease of use, safety, and the latest technology. Sarstedt products are used in various industries, from medical laboratories to research institutes.


Sarstedt is known for its commitment to quality, and its products are synonymous with German quality. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services that help customers achieve their goals. By focusing on sustainable and intensive investment, continuous development work, and a highly skilled workforce, Sarstedt strives to maintain its reputation for excellence.


Mediline offers Sarstedt products to meet the laboratory equipment needs of customers in Slovenia and elsewhere. Explore our product range or contact our Sarstedt representative.

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