At Mediline, we provide a professional, modern, and responsive service with installation, training, maintenance, and support for the products and systems we represent. Our customers can rely on fast troubleshooting and regular inspections. We understand the importance of comprehensive sales and after-sales services, so we work with our team and contract partners to offer a professional, up-to-date, and responsive service.

Our expert service team offers the following:

Servis instalation

Installation and training

Installation and user training for products and systems from our product range and the range we represent.

Resolving potential errors

Quick and efficient resolution of faults, both during and after the warranty period.

servis maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance to prevent potential damage and limit its consequences.

servis calibration

Inspections and calibration

Regular annual inspections and calibrations to ensure the equipment is working correctly and is reliable.

service support

Expert technical support

Expert support for technical issues is essential to ensure the operation and use of advanced technology.

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To ensure safety at work, please clean and decontaminate the device, equipment, or system before any servicing. You are obliged to do so by signing the decontamination declaration. Before decontamination, ensure you have the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents, as improper use can damage or even destroy the equipment. Instructions for decontamination are given in the user manual supplied with each product but can also be provided in electronic or written form.