Sarstedt Tempus600

Sarstedt Tempus 600

Sarstedt Tempus 600 is a transport system for clinical samples that ensures one-touch handling from blood sample collection to the lab, guaranteeing an efficient process and better treatment for patients.

Sarstedt Tempus 600 system from Sarstedt is a revolutionary transport system designed to ensure a one-touch handling process from when a blood sample is taken until it arrives at the laboratory just a few seconds later. This unique system has been developed to function like having a lab right next to the patient, resulting in significant improvements in turnaround time and, ultimately, better patient treatment outcomes.

One of the significant advantages of the Sarstedt Tempus 600 system is that it is dedicated to transporting small clinical samples, which can be sent immediately as they are taken without the need for staging points. This ensures greater reliability in transporting specimens, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring that samples arrive at the lab quickly and in optimal condition.

Installation of the Sarstedt Tempus 600 system is straightforward, with the system being easily installed in both new and existing hospitals. The system is also connectable to lab automation systems, seamlessly integrating existing lab workflows.

In addition to providing a highly reliable transport system for clinical samples, the TEMPUS 600 system also offers a range of other benefits. These include improved safety for laboratory staff, as the system eliminates the need for manual handling of samples, and enhanced efficiency in laboratory workflows, as the system can transport multiple samples simultaneously.

Sarstedt Tempus 600 system represents a significant step forward in clinical sample transport, offering a highly reliable and efficient solution for hospitals and clinical laboratories. With its ability to transport samples quickly and safely, the system helps to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment outcomes by enabling clinicians to make rapid and accurate diagnoses.

Sarstedt Tempus 600 is a cutting-edge transport system that ensures one-touch handling from when a blood sample is taken to when it arrives, allowing lab technicians and nurses to focus on their primary tasks for better treatment. With its fast and dedicated system, the samples can be sent immediately, following a first in, first out (FIFO) approach, allowing for optimal use of laboratory and analytical capacity and making LEAN goals measurable and obtainable.

The system has multiple validation reports stating its effectiveness in reducing the total turnaround time (ToTAT) from when the test is ordered to when the result is reported, enabling faster decisions and better treatment. Additionally, the system is easy to fit, with flexible pipes that take up minimal space, and is designed to be reliable and easy to use.

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