Qiagen Qiaxcel connect

Qiagen Qiaxcel connect

QIAxcel Connect is an automated capillary-electrophoresis instrument that can analyze and quality control up to 96 samples per run with ready-to-use gel cartridges. The instrument is versatile, offering various kits for different applications, and the QIAxcel ScreenGel software provides real-time visualization and objective measurements of results.

The QIAGEN QIAxcel Connect is a cutting-edge capillary-electrophoresis instrument that enables automated fragment analysis and quality control of up to 96 samples per run. Its highly versatile system uses prefilled gel cartridges, eliminating the need for tedious gel or consumable preparations and reducing handling errors.

The QIAxcel Connect is suitable for various applications, including high-resolution genotyping, fast single or multiplex PCR screening, QC of cell-free DNA, NGS library QC, fast single-amplicon analysis as HLA typing, and RNA quality checks. The system offers high sensitivity and resolution, ensuring accurate results even with low-concentration or degraded samples, such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue or liquid biopsy.

The QIAxcel Connect uses a simple plug-and-play process. Place samples and buffers into the instrument, insert the QIAxcel Gel Cartridge, select the analysis protocol, and run the samples. The QIAxcel ScreenGel software that runs on the laptop with the QIAxcel Connect system guides the experiment setup and run checks, displays the results in real time, and allows users to save and export data quickly.

The QIAxcel ScreenGel software employs the RNA Integrity Score (RIS) system, a reliable method for determining RNA quality and integrity. RIS has a high correlation with RIN, making it easy for users to assess objective measurements and predict qRT-PCR assay outcomes even when RNA is degraded, for instance, by UV or formalin.

The QIAGEN QIAxcel Connect is a highly efficient, accurate, and versatile system that can automate fragment analysis and quality control of up to 96 samples per run. Its use of prefilled gel cartridges, automated processes, and user-friendly software make it an excellent choice for various applications, including genotyping, PCR screening, NGS library QC, and RNA quality.

With QIAxcel Connect, you can automate particle analysis and quality control for up to 96 samples. It uses ready-to-use gel cartridges for high sensitivity and high-resolution results without manual intervention or consumable preparation. An electric field generates a positive charge that allows negatively charged nucleic acid particles to migrate through the gel in the capillaries. As the particles pass through the detector, the signals emitted by the dye are measured and converted into digital data. The QIAxcel ScreenGel software displays the results in real-time as electropherograms or images of the gel. The software also uses the RNA Integrity Score (RIS) system for objective measurements and RNA quality and integrity determination. QIAxcel Connect offers versatility with multiple kits for different needs, including genotyping, PCR screening, cell-free DNA quality control, NGS library quality control, single amplicon analysis, and RNA quality control.