Qiagen Qiasymphony AS

Qiagen Qiasymphony AS

The QIAsymphony SP/AS is a fully automated nucleic acid purification and assay setup system. It simplifies and streamlines laboratory workflows with integrated components, predefined protocols, and a touchscreen interface. The system can process up to 24 samples in batches and offers integrated and independent operation modes to fit diverse needs.

The QIAsymphony SP/AS is a powerful combination of fully automated instruments that streamline the nucleic acid purification and assay setup processes. With the QIAsymphony SP, users can perform automated purification of nucleic acids using magnetic-particle technology. The instrument can process samples in batches of up to 24, making it a highly efficient option for high-throughput labs. The QIAsymphony SP comes preinstalled with various protocols and corresponding Assay Control Sets for purifying RNA, genomic DNA, and viral and bacterial nucleic acids. This feature saves users time and effort in setting up protocols from scratch while ensuring reliable and consistent results.

The QIAsymphony AS, on the other hand, offers a fully automated assay setup using a 4-channel pipetting system. The instrument uses the built-in touchscreen on the QIAsymphony SP, making it highly intuitive and user-friendly. With the QIAsymphony AS, users can set up single or multiple assays in a single run, and the master mix can be premixed or prepared by the instrument. The QIAsymphony AS has predefined protocols specifically designed for use with QIAGEN kits. These protocols can be easily transferred to/from the QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments via the USB ports on the QIAsymphony SP.

The QIAsymphony SP/AS is highly flexible and can be operated in two modes to suit your workflow requirements – integrated and independent. In integrated mode, samples processed on the QIAsymphony SP are transferred directly to the QIAsymphony AS via an internal transfer module, reducing manual handling steps and documentation. This feature saves time and minimizes the risk of errors and contamination. For added flexibility, the QIAsymphony SP and QIAsymphony AS can also be operated independently of each other in independent mode.

Overall, the QIAsymphony SP/AS is a powerful and versatile tool that enables users to streamline their nucleic acid purification and assay setup processes while ensuring reliable and consistent results. The instrument’s intuitive interface and preinstalled protocols make it easy to use, while the two modes of system operation offer maximum flexibility to suit a variety of lab workflows. With the QIAsymphony SP/AS, users can save time, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their results.

The QIAsymphony SP/AS is an automated instrument with a 100-240 V AC power supply, 50-60 Hz, and 1400 VA. The input volume for the QIAsymphony SP is 200 µl (application dependent), and it operates at a temperature range of 15-32°C with a pollution level of 2. The instrument is designed for indoor use only and has an elution volume of 30-500 µl (application dependent).

The QIAsymphony SP/AS uses QIAGEN magnetic-particles chemistry technology and has an overvoltage category of II. It is capable of automated processing and is used to purify DNA, RNA, and bacterial and viral nucleic acids from various starting materials. The instrument can be stored at 5-40°C and transported at a temperature range of -25 to 70°C. The instrument can operate up to an altitude of 2000 m and requires a relative humidity of 15-75% (noncondensing) with a maximum of 75% relative humidity for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% humidity at 32°C. The QIAsymphony SP/AS weighs 175 kg, and the QIAsymphony AS weighs 90 kg.