Qiagen Qiagility

Qiagen Qiagility

The QIAGEN QIAgility is a versatile, automated PCR setup instrument that provides highly accurate and reproducible results. Equipped with easy-to-use software, the QIAgility eliminates manual pipetting steps, reducing potential human error and increasing reliability. With advanced safety features and a compact design, the QIAgility is adaptable to various laboratory environments, making it an ideal solution for gene expression analysis, genotyping, pathogen detection, and more.

The QIAGEN QIAgility is an automated PCR setup instrument that offers superior pipetting precision and highly accurate and reproducible results. The instrument is equipped with convenient, easy-to-use software that provides step-by-step guidance for worktable setup and automatic mixes calculation. With the QIAgility, you can quickly and easily set up PCR experiments using pre-optimized experiment protocols without requiring manual pipetting steps.

The QIAgility is highly versatile and can be used with various workflows, offering standardized results and increased productivity. The instrument eliminates manual pipetting steps, reducing the potential for human error and increasing the accuracy and reliability of results. The QIAgility operates with QIAgility Accessories and QIAgility Consumables, providing additional functionality and flexibility.

The QIAgility delivers excellent pipetting precision and accuracy over a broad volume range. The instrument is highly linear and assures accurate and reliable sample use for an assay. It provides exceptional reliability and reproducibility, making it an ideal solution for laboratories performing PCR and RT-PCR reactions with applications in gene expression analysis, genotyping, cloning, pathogen detection, food and veterinary testing, and more.

The QIAgility is compact, with a small footprint that fits easily onto most lab benches. The instrument is easy to use, with a flexible worktable layout that supports almost all kinds of cyclers and labware. It can be readily moved into biosafety-level laboratories, making it adaptable to different laboratory environments.

The QIAgility has advanced safety features, including a built-in sensor that ensures the instrument pauses when the hood is opened during a run, protecting users from moving parts. The UV light ensures effective worktable decontamination, while the HEPA filter provides positive, clean air pressure throughout the PCR setup.

Overall, the QIAgility offers a reliable and efficient solution for automated PCR setup, with superior pipetting precision, standardized results, and increased productivity. With its easy-to-use software, versatile worktable layout, and advanced safety features, the QIAgility is an ideal solution for laboratories of all sizes and disciplines.

The Qiagen QIAgility is a versatile and efficient liquid handling instrument designed for indoor use. It features a single channel pipetting head that can handle volumes ranging from 1-200 µl with exceptional precision. The minimum detection volume for liquid-level sensing is 10 µl in 200 µl PCR tubes and requires Qiagen Conductive Filtered Tips. The Conductive Filtered Tips are available in 50 µl and 200 µl sizes and come supplied with the instrument, along with 25 x 5 ml tubes, 100 x 0.2 µl PCR tubes, and 3 Tip Disposal Boxes. The QIAgility has a compact design with dimensions of 45 cm in height with the instrument lid closed and 86 cm with the lid open. The preinstalled dual-cartridge 3M Air-Mate HEPA filter system provides positive pressure and clean air within the closed hood, ensuring a clean working environment. It operates at an optimal temperature of 15–30 °C with an operating humidity of 40–70%.