Qiagen QIAcube Connect

Qiagen QIAcube Connect

QIAcube Connect is an automated sample preparation system that allows efficient and reproducible DNA, RNA, and protein purification. With pre-installed protocols for various sample types and the option for protocol customization, it simplifies the purification process and delivers comparable performance to manual procedures. Remote connectivity and UV-LED decontamination features improve the system's efficiency and ease of use.

QIAcube Connect is an automated sample preparation instrument that can process up to 12 samples in a single run, making it ideal for academic research laboratories and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical research laboratories. It automates over 80 QIAGEN kits with over 140 standard protocols for DNA, RNA, and protein sample processing, with the option to customize protocols, expanding the use to over 3000 protocols.

The QIAcube Connect simplifies purification by automating QIAGEN spin-column kits, with comparable performance to the manual procedure and no change of chemistry required. The instrument includes a centrifuge, heated shaker, pipetting system, and robotic gripper. Additionally, the QIAcube Connect comes equipped with built-in UV light decontamination to prevent carryover between samples, a barcode scanner to track samples and sample prep kit information, and an illuminated worktable to make loading samples and performing experiments easier.

QIAcube Connect also has pre-installed protocols for purifying RNA, genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, viral nucleic acids, and proteins, plus DNA and RNA cleanup, with all standard protocols in the expanding range available for free download. The instrument is highly efficient, with a large touchscreen simplifying protocol selection and clear on-screen messages guiding the user through the worktable setup.

QIAcube Connect offers a range of advantages over traditional manual sample preparation methods. By automating the process, you can reduce the risk of human error and improve reproducibility, ensuring consistent results every time.

Additionally, the instrument frees up valuable time and resources, allowing researchers to focus on other essential tasks. With remote monitoring capabilities through the QIAsphere App, you can quickly check on the progress of your runs and receive notifications when they are complete, reducing the need for constant on-site supervision. Overall, the QIAcube Connect is a versatile and reliable tool for automating nucleic acid purification, increasing your laboratory’s efficiency and productivity.

The QIAcube Connect is a high-throughput nucleic acid purification system with advanced features. The instrument is designed to provide automated DNA, RNA, and protein purification from a wide range of starting materials. It has a 100–240 V AC power supply range, 50/60 Hz, and can handle power fluctuations of up to 10% of nominal supply voltages. The instrument has a maximum centrifuge speed of 10,640 rpm and a maximum shaker speed of 2000 rpm. The touchscreen display is a 10.4” TFT with an active area of 211.2 x 158.4 mm and a resolution of 800*600 SVGA. The pipetting system has a syringe size of 1 ml, and can pipette ranges between 5–900 µl. The QIAcube Connect also features a handheld scanner with a motion tolerance of up to 610 cm/s and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The QIAcube Connect has a pollution level of 2, an environmental class of 3K2, and can be operated indoors in temperatures between 18 to 28ºC.