Qiagen EZ2 Connect

Qiagen EZ2 Connect

The EZ2 Connect simultaneously automates nucleic acid extraction from up to 24 samples, reducing manual pipetting steps and increasing lab throughput. Its prefilled reagent cartridges, touchscreen interface, and remote connectivity make it easy to use and monitor. Purified DNA and RNA can be used in downstream assays.

The EZ2 Connect is a highly efficient and fully automated system for nucleic acid extraction, ideal for research laboratories requiring high throughput, reproducibility, and flexibility. With the ability to process up to 24 samples simultaneously, this benchtop instrument boasts several features that allow researchers to achieve high sensitivity with large-volume processing and improve workflow efficiencies.

One of the key features of the EZ2 Connect is its prefilled reagent cartridges, which offer convenience and boost reproducibility by eliminating the need for manual pipetting. The system automatically pierces the sealed cartridges and heats samples for incubation, automating many pretreatment steps previously not automatable. This reduces the time required for sample preparation and minimizes the potential for human error.

The intuitive touchscreen interface makes the EZ2 Connect easy to use, even for new lab workers. Researchers can select a preinstalled protocol from various options to suit their specific application, including forensic applications with the EZ2 Connect Fx. The system also offers onboard heating and reagent pipetting to reduce pretreatment efforts, ensuring that nucleic acid binding, washing, and elution are done automatically with in-tip magnetic bead technology.

The EZ2 Connect is designed to handle various sample types, including FFPE samples, liquid biopsy samples, trace samples, cells, tissue, and whole blood. Once the samples are loaded onto the worktable, and a protocol is chosen, the system performs the extraction process autonomously. With remote connectivity features, researchers can monitor their runs and manage the instrument from outside the lab, using the QIAsphere app on their preferred tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

The nucleic acids purified using the EZ2 Connect and the appropriate QIAGEN kits can be used for sensitive analytical detection in downstream assays such as PCR, dPCR, or NGS. This makes the EZ2 Connect a versatile tool for various research applications, enabling researchers to achieve high sensitivity and reproducibility in their experiments.

The EZ2 Connect is an automated benchtop instrument that performs nucleic acid purification with magnetic-particle technology. It features magnetic-bead separation, onboard pipetting, and a computerized reagent-cartridge piercing system. The device also includes a heating function, UV-LED decontamination, and remote connectivity with a touchscreen display and report management. The EZ2 Connect can process a wide range of sample types, including cells, tissue, FFPE, liquid biopsy samples, trace samples, and whole blood, with a throughput of 1-24 samples. The instrument dimensions are 57.5 cm x 72 cm x 56 cm (H x W x D). With its software-guided maintenance, the EZ2 Connect is designed to help research labs increase productivity and efficiency while reducing manual pipetting steps and achieving high-quality nucleic acid extraction.