Grfifols DG Reader

Grifols DG Reader

The DG Reader by Grifols is a compact and easy-to-use instrument for processing DG Gel Cards. With the ability to automatically interpret results and store data for traceability, the DG Reader streamlines laboratory processes and improves efficiency.

The DG Reader by Grifols is a highly scalable gel card processing platform that can be easily adapted to meet the growing needs of laboratories. Designed to be a single card processing platform for low sample volume laboratories, it can also serve as a backup system for laboratories using a Grifols fully automated system. With its space-saving instrumentation and multipurpose reagents, the DG Reader optimizes laboratory use and provides flexible options for sample processing. It is a convenient tabletop model that utilizes the same universal reagents across Grifols semi-automated and fully automated instruments.

The DG Reader is an efficient and reliable instrument that streamlines the processing of samples, enabling laboratories to improve their productivity and accuracy. The DG Reader is an intuitive, user-friendly instrument that automates processes to save operator time and improve recordkeeping. It identifies DG Gel Cards by barcode, digitalizes and processes card images, and automatically interprets results. The instrument can record and store data to ensure traceability and automate the upload of results to LIS.

The DG Reader is equipped with a range of features, making it an excellent choice for laboratories of all sizes. Its intuitive operations and automation capabilities reduce operator errors and increase efficiency. The instrument is also highly scalable, making it an ideal choice for laboratories with changing needs. With its compact design and easy-to-use interface, the DG Reader is a perfect choice for laboratories looking to streamline their processes and improve their results.

The DG Reader by Grifols is designed to offer a scalable and flexible solution for gel card processing in laboratories. It has a load capacity of 1 DG Gel card per analysis and can trace DG Gel card reagents. The device is equipped with a black-and-white reading system using a CCD camera, which reads the cards and automatically interprets the results. The external barcode reader accessory enables the barcode reading of the reagents used in the analysis.

The DG Reader allows users to record, store, and generate reports of the data collected during the analysis. The device requires an external computer for operation. With dimensions of 38.22 x 41.3 x 18.25 cm and weighing 12.5 kg, the DG Reader is a compact and convenient tabletop model for low-sample volume laboratories.