Eppendorf Research plus display image

Eppendorf Research plus

The Eppendorf Research plus is an exceptionally light micropipette that minimizes strain on your arms and hands while pipetting. It is among the safest and most ergonomic mechanical pipettes available, meeting the highest demands for precision and accuracy. Additionally, the Research plus offers increased flexibility with a wide range of versions, making it an indispensable companion in your laboratory. The 16- and 24-channel pipetting system combines proven concepts with innovations and enables fast and easy manual pipetting in 384-part plates.

The Eppendorf Research plus mechanical pipette is a highly versatile and ergonomic tool for liquid handling in the laboratory. With over 60 years of experience in the field, Eppendorf has created a pipette that meets the highest standards of precision, accuracy, and safety. The Research plus pipette is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to use and helping to reduce the risk of hand and arm strain. The pipette is available in various configurations, including single-channel pipettes with fixed or variable volume, multi-channel pipettes with 8, 12, 16, or 24 channels, and adjustable tip spacing micropipettes. This versatility ensures a Research plus pipette to meet the needs of virtually any laboratory application.

The Research plus pipette is designed with the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept® to ensure maximum ergonomic comfort and safety for the user. This design incorporates a spring-loaded tip cone, a temporary calibration option, and an improved volume display, all contributing to the pipette’s ease of use and reliability. The pipette is fully autoclavable, further adding to its convenience and versatility.

The My Green Lab® non-profit organization awarded the Research plus single-channel pipette line-up with variable volume the ACT® Environmental Impact Factor Label in 2021. This recognition does the Research plus pipette an ideal choice for laboratories looking to incorporate more sustainable products into their workflows.

Eppendorf has also received recognition for the Research plus the pipette’s quality and performance. The SelectScience® “Seal of Quality” was awarded to the Research plus mechanical lab pipette, placing it among the top 0.1% of laboratory products with more than 100 positive reviews on the esteemed SelectScience platform.

The Research plus pipette is available in various configurations to meet the specific needs of different laboratory applications. Fixed-volume pipettes are available for a fast and reliable workflow, with quick and easy calibration. For maximum flexibility, the variable volume pipettes allow for adjusting the dispensing volume within a range of 0.1 µL and 10 mL, with a sizeable 4-digit volume display for quick and accurate volume settings.

The Eppendorf Research plus pipette is designed for fatigue-free and ergonomic pipetting. The unique spring-loaded tip cone and SOFTeject function provide reliable tip fit and effortless attachment, with reduced tip ejection forces by 50%. Operating forces can be reduced using the Research plus 16- and 24-channel pipettes with the epT.I.P.S® 384 pipette tips with SOFTattach technology.

In summary, the Eppendorf Research plus mechanical pipette is a reliable and versatile tool for liquid handling in the laboratory. With various configurations available, including single- and multi-channel pipettes with fixed or variable volumes, the Research plus pipette can meet the needs of virtually any laboratory application. Its ergonomic design, precision, and accuracy make it a valuable addition to any laboratory’s workflow.