Biolin Scientific QSense Analyzer

Biolin Scientific QSense Analyzer

Biolin Scientific QSense Analyzer has four parallel measurement modules for efficient sample processing, data comparison, increased throughput, and quantification of film properties. Compatible with all optional Q-Sense modules for experimental flexibility.

The QSense Analyzer is a powerful instrument designed for fast and efficient sample processing in the laboratory. It features four parallel measurement modules that evaluate different samples, substrates, solvents, concentrations, pH, and ionic strength. The intelligent design with four removable flow modules makes it easy to set up new experiments and increases experimental flexibility.

With four measurements in parallel, the QSense Analyzer increases throughput and minimizes hands-on time. It provides high-quality data collection at a high sample rate from seven harmonics of the fundamental frequency, enabling quantification of the adsorbed film’s mass, thickness, viscosity, and shear modulus. The instrument’s data comparison feature displays up to four measurements in an easy-to-compare format, making it easier to analyze and interpret the results.

The QSense Analyzer requires a minimum sample volume of ~200 μl and operates at a temperature range of 15 – 65 °C with a time resolution of 0.005 s. The instrument’s quantification of mass and viscoelastic properties is a valuable tool for researchers in various fields, including materials science, biochemistry, and surface chemistry.

The QSense Analyzer is a versatile and efficient instrument that provides high-quality data quickly and easily. Its intelligent design and multiple measurement modules make it an essential tool for anyone needing to rapidly and accurately processing samples.

The QSense Analyzer has four sensors and a sample handling system that can hold a minimum of 200 μl of a sample. It has a working temperature range of 15-65°C with an accuracy of ±0.02°C. The time resolution is more significant than 100 data points per second, and the maximum mass sensitivity in liquid is approximately 0.5 ng/cm2 C, with normal mass sensitivity at around 1.8 ng/cm2 F.

The maximum dissipation sensitivity in the fluid is about 0.04 x 10-6 C, and the normal dissipation sensitivity in liquid is approximately 0.1 x 10-6 F. The electronics unit has dimensions of 18x36x21 cm, while the chamber is 12x23x34 cm. The QSense Dfind analysis software provides output parameters, and the hardware can import/export data.